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The quality of a  residential or commercial roof is a guarantee of quality for the tenants of the building, since it ensures the tightness of the building and protects the different systems from damage caused by bad weather, humidity and water infiltrations while offering great energy savings on the long term.

Anew construction is one of the most important investments of a lifetime and it is therefore essential to take all the necessary precautions to protect it and to efficiently benefit from it. This is why, when you choose a construction entrepreneur and you trust him with the realization of the roof of your building, it is important that you make sure he has the qualifications as a residential roofer.
Not all general entrepreneurs can improvise themselves as roofing entrepreneurs in Quebec, because there are a lot of rules that need to be respected and that is why Toitures Impex has developed an expertise in this field and has been offering roof construction services that have been redefining the quality standards for many years. Whether your roof has a strong, small or no inclination at all, we possess the necessary skills to realize superior quality work that will give your roof an exceptional quality.

Our team of experts is able to realize jobs all while respecting your own requirements for your project, whether it be in terms of: feasibility time, price, product quality, etc.
Proud of our customer service, we take the time to evaluate each project in order to choose the most appropriate type of roof and cover material. Our expertise includes flat roofs, along with inclined roofs, whether they be of simple or irregular shapes. In order to give free rein to your imagination during the conception of your new house, we are able to combine various techniques that will ensure the tightness of your roof, even if it includes complex elements, such as dormers, light wells, etc.

To choose Toitures Impex for your new construction project is to guarantee yourself of a great quality result on the long term. Toitures Impex is your preferred partner for this great project that you are initiating.