Elastomeric Membrane Roof - Toitures Impex



Due to the constantly changing weather in Quebec, the most used roof membrane for flat or slight inclination roofs is the elastomeric membrane. (made with modified bitumen).


  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Built to ensure an optimal sealing.
  • This membrane stands out from the competition thanks to its resistance to bad weather.
  • Properly installed by professionals the elastomeric membrane has an average lifespan of 30 to 35 years.


The modified bitumen membrane is composed of a bilayer, which is composed of a sub-layer and an overcoat layer, merged to one another. The sub-layer is reinforced with glass fiber while the overcoat layer is covered with ceramic grains providing it its color and thus protecting it from the sun’s rays.

  • Note that some municipalities require a white roof in order to counter the effects of urban heat islands.


At Toitures Impex, we use the blowtorch installation technique, because it gives the best results. It is also the most tested technique to this day. The installation consists in overlapping the membrane rolls, then with the blowtorch we melt the top and bottom of each elastomeric membrane, this way they merge together creating a single continuous membrane. A good roofer will leave a barely noticeable smear at the junction of the fold lines.

  • This installation technique is extremely delicate and needs to be accomplished by a recognized roofer who possesses a liability insurance in the event of a fire. Before choosing your roofer, verify that he holds a valid license from the  Régie du batîment of Quebec Be assured that we take pride in our work and that each of our employees is trained to be meticulous and conscientious on our construction sites.