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What is a roof made of concrete shingles?

First of all, it is made with a superficial layer of pellets. The pellets are important, because they protect the roof against UV rays. This layer also preserves the freshness. At the same time, some of the pellets contain some products that serve to prevent the apparition of mold.

Ensuite vient la couche d’asphalte de différentes épaisseurs qui détermine le poids des bardeaux. L’asphalte protège la toiture en la rendant imperméable et assure son étanchéité.

Then comes the concrete layer made of different thicknesses that determine the weight of the shingles. The concrete protects the roof by making it waterproof and ensures its tightness.


The layer of reinforcement determines the quality and the model of the shingles. This layer is essential to maintain all the layers together. It must remain stable even with the changes in temperature and must be very resistant. The concrete shingles are very performant from an energetic point of view, because they keep the roof fresh by reflecting the sun’s rays. The concrete shingles roof resists well to the changes in temperature, which gives it a considerable advantage. The adhesive band and the nails make it resistant to strong winds and other bad weather specific to our Quebec winters. We mostly notice this advantage with our high performance shingles.

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